About Us


The company was formed in 2003. Initially began subcontracting to other people installing shower screens. I found that the products sold by sales people, who had never installed anything, could have been designed so much better, to assist the householder in regards to use and particularly cleaning, could be so much better. I completed my original trade as a Fitter and Turner, and this has given me the edge in regards to coming up with solutions to problems faced by people wanting a shower screen or splashback, that actually worked in the way it was meant to.


Along with the sale of new shower screens, we also service most sliding door shower screens. Glass Essentials, stocks parts to replace rollers and guides to these older style screens. When designing your new bathroom, we are able to give advice on how to make your new shower screen finish perfectly with your tiling. Also, helping tilers with working out position of set downs and vanities to make it easier for cleaning and visual effect.